multi rib belt

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Multi rib belt

We are china best manufacturer to make Multi rib belt for treadmill , electric cement mixer , electric hand tools , washing machine , dryer , oven machine and etc

Multi rib belt as one of industrial power  transmission belt , also named poly-V belts ,poly rib belt , ribbed belt 

Features :

1.multi rib belts incorporate the benefits of  flat transmission belts and banded V-belts, with small bending stress and centrifugal stress loss , high transmission efficiency 

2.suitable for high-speed and strong power transmission system 


1.made by molded notch technology , accurate size , smooth surface and lower noise 

2. thin belt body , good flexibility , longer life 

3. quality same as hutchison 


Ribs    W(mm)  H(mm)   h(mm)   P(mm)   O(mm)   r(mm)     
2.34*n   3.4 1.6   2.34 42  0.1